Nagasaki: Football in a city full of stories

How to visit Nagasaki

From Tokyo

It’s best to fly to Nagasaki, although it is possible to reach the city by train. If you fly, one-way prices start at around ¥7,000 (£48, $60) with Jetstar, although expect to pay around ¥10,000 (£70, $90) in most cases. The flight is about 90 minutes.

Taking the train will require jumping on the bullet train at Tokyo Station and riding it to Hakata in Kyushu, which will cost approximately ¥22,000 (£150, $200) one-way. At Hakata, you’ll have to transfer to the Limited Express Kamome to Nagasaki, which will cost you ¥4,190 (£29, $37) one-way. All in all, this journey will take around ten hours. So by train, this only makes sense for Japan Rail Pass holders. Click here for more information about the Japan Rail Pass.

From Osaka

Flying from Kansai International will cost around ¥4,500 (£30, $40) one-way with airlines such as Peach. It’s unlikely to cost anymore than ¥10,000 (£70, $90).

By bullet train and limited express, from Shin-Osaka you need to first head to Hakata and then switch to the Kamome. It’ll take just under five hours and cost about ¥11,000 yen (£75, $99).

Getting around Nagasaki

You’ll soon get acquainted with Nagasaki’s tram network after a day or two of travelling around the city. There are four lines and all the major sights in the city can be reached by tram. The best option – if you plan to take five or more journeys in one day – is to get the ¥500 (£3.40, $4.50) day pass, which offers unlimited travel. It can be bought from the tourist information office at Nagasaki Station.

Getting to Transcosmos Stadium

Unfortunately you can’t take a tram to Transcosmos Stadium, but it’s easy enough to get to. V-Varen Nagasaki’s home is in Isahaya, which can be reached within 20 minutes from Nagasaki Station. The fastest option is to take the Limited Express Kamome, which costs ¥760 (£5, $7) and gets to Isahaya in 20 minutes. The slightly cheaper and slightly slower option is to get on the JR Nagasaki line: a 30-minute, ¥460 (£3, $4) journey.

Once at Isahaya Station, there are two ways to reach the stadium. If you want to take the bus, go out of the East Exit from the station and cross the bridge to reach the bus terminal. The bus to the stadium leaves from stand number 7. They’ll be a member of staff from V-Varen at the bus terminal, who will point you in the right direction. When you board the bus, take a ticket from the machine. You’ll need this to pay. Get off at 競技場北口 (or just follow the lead of the V-Varen fans if you’re unsure). The trip takes about ten minutes and costs ¥140 (£1, $1.20). Drop your ticket into the box next to the driver, and then the exact change. The stadium is about a two-minute walk from the bus stop.

Alternatively, you can just walk to Transcosmos in about 30 minutes. There are some signs on the street, but having access to Google maps would help.

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