Iwata: Finding Jubilo in a city of music and motors

How to visit Hamamatsu/Iwata

From Tokyo

The fastest way to reach Iwata from the capital is by jumping on the bullet train at Tokyo station. It’s about 90 minutes to Hamamatsu, and from there you can get on the JR Tokaido Line to Iwata, which will take ten minutes. In total, the journey will cost about ¥8,000 (£55, $72).

A cheaper, but slower, option is to go by highway bus. Expect to pay between ¥2,500 (£17, $23) to ¥5,500 (£38, $50) for a one-way ticket to Hamamatsu. The journey takes about four hours.

From Osaka

Iwata is almost halfway between Tokyo and Osaka. From Shin-Osaka, get on the bullet train to Hamamatsu, which will take around 80 minutes. And then transfer to the JR Tokaido Line for Iwata. The total cost is around ¥8,000 (£55, $72).

Highway buses also operate between Osaka and Hamamatsu. It will cost from ¥3,000 (£21, $27) to ¥5,000 (£34, $45). The journey is about four and a half hours.

For more information on buying train and bus tickets in Japan, check out our guide to ground hopping in Japan.

Getting around Hamamatsu/Iwata

Hamamatsu is a compact city and most of the major sites can be reached on foot. Another option is to use the Ku-ru-ru bus, which costs ¥200 for the day and follows a loop route around the city.

Iwata’s main points of interest are around Yamaha Stadium. Bus 25 leaves from bus stand number one outside Iwata Station and stops a five-minute walk from Yamaha Stadium, but is not frequent. It costs ¥230 one way. Bus 27 leaves from the same stand outside Iwata Station, but stops a ten-minute walk from the stadium, and costs ¥180 for a single trip.

Getting to Yamaha Stadium

The above bus numbers (25 and 27) stop near the stadium, but it’s easier to get on the official Jublio Iwata shuttle buses. From Iwata Station, take the bus from stand number 3 at the north exit. The service goes directly to the stadium and costs ¥230 for adults and ¥120 for children. It’s a 15-minute journey.

From Hamamatsu Station, the shuttle bus leaves from the north exit, stand number nine. It takes an hour to reach the stadium and the ticket costs ¥610 for adults and ¥310 for children.

And don’t worry, there are return journeys for both buses at full time, too.

Alternatively, you can walk to Yamaha Stadium from Iwata Station in about 40 minutes.

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