Saitama: Urawa Reds Ladies and the world of women’s football

How to visit Saitama city

From Tokyo

Saitama city is a combination of several wards including Omiya, Yono and Urawa. Komaba Stadium is closest to Kita-Urawa Station, which is on the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line. From Tokyo Station, it takes 45 minutes and costs ¥470 one-way.

From Osaka

Flying from Kansai International to Narita Airport costs about ¥5,000 (£34, $45). From Narita it costs between ¥1,130 (£7.80, $10.50) and ¥3,200 (£22, $29) depending on how fast you want to get into Tokyo. The quickest and most expensive option is the Narita Express, which takes one hour to reach Tokyo Station. The cheaper option is to take a combination of local and express trains, which will require about 40 minutes.

Highway bus tickets between Osaka and Tokyo start from around ¥4,000 (££27.50, $36). The journey takes approximately eight hours.

For more information on buying train and bus tickets in Japan, check out our guide to ground hopping in Japan.

Getting to Komaba Stadium

It’s easiest to walk to Komaba Stadium. From Kita-Urawa Station, take the east exit and follow the signs. It’s about 30 minutes on foot.

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