Kyoto: Sightseeing and Sanga in Japan’s ancient former capital

How to visit Kyoto

From Tokyo

There are a few different options for reaching Kyoto from Tokyo. One of the most popular is to take the bullet train. One-way tickets cost from about ¥13,000 (£90, $120) with the journey taking just over two hours. If you have a Japan Rail Pass, this route is included. For more information on this, click here.

It’s also possible to fly to Kansai International Airport for about ¥6,000 (£42, $54) one way. The flight is just an hour. A shuttle bus connects the airport with Kyoto and takes about an hour and 20 minutes to cover the distance, with a one-way ticket costing ¥2,550 (£18, $23).

One other choice is to take a highway bus. It’s most common to do this journey overnight, which will get you into Kyoto early in the morning for a full day of sightseeing. Basic tickets cost around ¥4,500 (£30, $40), but be warned that this will include a fairly cramped, uncomfortable seat for the eight-hour ride. Tickets for more spacious, comfortable seats that recline almost flat will set you back about ¥7,500 (£52, $68) one way.

From Osaka

This is nice and easy. Take a JR Special Rapid Service train and you’ll be in Kyoto within 30 minutes for the cost of ¥560 (£4, $5).

Getting around Kyoto

Kyoto’s public transport system is somewhat limited. There are a few overground and underground lines that link up a handful of the popular districts, but in a lot of cases you’ll need to take a bus. But be warned that the buses can get very crowded, especially during peak holiday seasons.

Several travel passes are available that provide unlimited travel for one or two days. These are particular worthwhile if you plan to hit a few destinations in a short space of time. Visit the excellent Kyoto City Travel Guide website for more information.

Getting to Nishikyogoku Stadium

Nishikyogoku Stadium is only a short distance from Kyoto Station. First, take a Kyoto City Subway Karasuma Line train towards Kokusaikaikan. Get off at Shijo and transfer to Karasuma Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line. To do this, you’ll need to exit the subway through the ticket gate and follow the signs. It’s a couple of minutes on foot.

From Karasuma Station, look for the Hankyu Kyoto Line train going towards Umeda and get off at Nishikyogoku. It’s a six-minute journey on this line.

Nishikyogoku Stadium is a short walk from the station and is well signposted. All in all, this journey will cost ¥400 (£2.80, $3.60) one way.

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