Hiroshima: A story of baseball, football and an incredible recovery

How to visit Hiroshima

From Tokyo

The quickest way, just about, is to fly from Haneda Airport to Hiroshima. The actual flight time is just over one hour, but by the time you’ve completed all the airport formalities and taken the 50 minute bus ride into Hiroshima city, it will start to add up. One-way flights cost around ¥8,000 (£56, $72) with both ANA and JAL.

The next best option is to take the bullet train. From Tokyo Station, the journey is around four hours. But the advantage is that Hiroshima Station is right in the centre of the city. It will save a lot of hassle. This option is more expensive than flying, though, with a one-way ticket costing around ¥18,000 (£125, $162). However, if you have a Japan Rail Pass, certain routes on this journey are included.

One other option is to take the night bus. This is a 12-hour journey with tickets costing from ¥6,000 (£42, $54) one-way in a basic seat, up to about ¥8,000 (£56, $72) for a more comfortable seat. But, really, you’re better off just flying, with there being very little difference in cost.

For more information about travelling around Japan, including the Japan Rail Pass, click here.

From Osaka

It’s much easier to reach Hiroshima from Osaka. The quickest way is to take the bullet train, which costs about ¥10,000 (£70, $90) and takes 80 minutes.

There are also highway bus options between the two cities. Tickets start from around ¥3,000 (£21, $27) and the journey is about five hours.

Getting around Hiroshima

Hiroshima has an extensive tram network that covers most of the major sights in the city. A one-day pass is available for ¥600 (£4.20, $5.40), or you can pay for individual journeys, with a flat rate of ¥180 (£1.30, $1.60) for a single journey within central Hiroshima. You can pay on the tram using IC cards, including Suica.

There’s also a decent train network within the city and out into the suburbs, plus a tourist bus that runs in a loop around the central areas. A day-pass for the Maple Sightseeing Bus costs ¥400 (£2.80, $3.60).

Getting to Edion Stadium

A shuttle bus connects JR Yokogawa Station in the centre of the city with Edion Stadium. To find the bus, take the south exit from Yokogawa Station and go to bus stop number four. It’s a 20 minute journey to the stadium and costs ¥370 (£2.60, $3.30) one way.

Alternatively, it’s possible to take the train. From Hondori Station in central Hiroshima, it’s a direct 37-minute journey to the end of the line at Koikikoen-mae on the Astram Line. A one-way ticket costs ¥480 (£3.30, $4.30). From the station, it’s a five-minute walk to the stadium.

2 Thoughts

  1. I have been to the Sanfrecce stadium a couple of times mate. Once when my team Central Coast Mariners played an ACL game there. You are right about it’s location. Difficult to get to. Locals were great however and we had a great experience on both occasions.


    1. Hi Glenn, that’s great! How was the atmosphere when you went?
      It’s a shame the stadium is so far from the city centre. Hopefully they can one day move to a more central location. It would be a great boost for the club


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