Nagano: How to fall for a football club thousands of miles from home

How to visit Nagano

From Tokyo

It’s easiest to catch the bullet train from Tokyo Station. The journey takes only 85 minutes and costs from ¥8,200 one way. This journey is covered by the Japan Rail Pass, depending on which train you take. Click here for more information on the Japan Rail Pass.

A cheaper option is to take a highway bus. The journey will take around four and half hours, costing from ¥2,900 to ¥4,800, depending on the season.

For more information about travelling around Japan, including the Japan Rail Pass, click here.

From Osaka

The train journey between Osaka and Nagano is a bit awkward. First, you’ll need to get to Nagoya, which on the bullet train takes 50 minutes. From Nagoya, catch the Limited Express Shinano service to Nagano, which is a near three-hour trip. All in all, this journey will cost around ¥11,000.

By bus, it will take about six and half hours during the day, or eight hours overnight. One-way ticket prices start from ¥6,000.

Getting around Nagano

Nagano is a small city, with most of the major sights accessible on foot or by bus. It’s also well-connected to nearby cities by train.

Getting to Nagano U Stadium

First, take the JR Shinonoi Line to Shinonoi Station, which takes just over ten minutes from Nagano and costs ¥200. At Shinonoi Station, go right out of the only exit, take the stairs down to street level and you’ll see the AC Nagano Parceiro shuttle bus. It costs ¥200 one-way on the bus. Just drop your money into the box next to the driver as you get off. There’s also a change machine on the bus, in case you don’t have the exact amount.

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