Shimane: Football in Japan’s land of the gods

How to visit Shimane

From Tokyo

The best way is to fly. ANA connects the capital’s Haneda Airport with Yonago Airport, which is actually in neighbouring Tottori prefecture, but is only a 30-minute bus ride from Matsue city.

There’s also an airport in Izumo, operated by JAL with daily flights to Haneda.

You can also fly with ANA from Haneda to Hagi Iwami Airport near Masuda.

The flight time for all these options is just over an hour.

There’s also the night bus option, which departs Tokyo Station at 7.40pm and gets into Matsue at 7.20am.

A night train also operates between Tokyo and Izumo. The Sunrise Izumo travels overnight and takes 11 hours to complete the journey.

For more information about travelling around Japan, including the Japan Rail Pass, click here.

From Osaka

There are five daily flights between Osaka Itami Airport and Izumo, operated by JAL. The flight takes just under an hour.

By bullet train, it’s possible to reach Matsue via Okayama, changing here to the Limited Express Super Yakuma. The journey takes three hours in total and is covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

There are plenty of highway bus options between Osaka and Matsue, with the journey taking around four and a half hours.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you find yourself in Hiroshima, the bus to Matsue costs only ¥500 for the three-hour journey.

Getting around Shimane

Trains are not so frequent in Shimane. You’ll have to check the timetable carefully. Missing a train can mean a two to three hour wait for the next one. Between Matsue and Masuda there are two train lines: the Limited Express Super Matsuzake covers the distance in just over two hours and costs ¥4,320 one way, while the slower Aqualiner takes a bit over three hours and ¥3,020 for a one-way trip.

Getting to Shimane Prefectural Soccer Field

Once reaching Masuda Station, it’s a 30-minute walk to the ground. It’s a fairly straightforward walk, but worth checking the map online as there are no signs on the street.

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